This is just a note to express my thanks for getting me through a very challenging year, and for pointing out that things aren’t always as bad as they appear to be.  Each session left  me feeling more positive and gave me something constructive to focus on in between sessions.  I went to my initial session with a set of preconceived ideas and thoughts on what I needed, to my surprise it went a lot deeper than I thought.  In all honesty it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but also one of the most rewarding.

I was comfortable with the speed at which the sessions progressed, not too fast yet not too laborious either, and at the end of each session, I was given high-quality and interesting supplementary material to support what was discussed in the sessions, which was extremely helpful.

I would highly recommend Caroline’s methods and techniques, and together with her sincere and genuine character, I have no concerns about trusting her help and advice or recommending others to seek her help as she has a calming and stabilising effect and a very caring approach.  I am very grateful for her support, without which I would not have been able to get through a very difficult period.

Liz Carson

Sarah at Making Changes helped me to do just that. Despite the professional use of different interventions, it was the accepting and genuine environment as offered by my therapist that gave me the safe space I needed to truly explore. This, alongside the use of creative tools and alternative approaches, enabled me to look at my patterns in behaviours and relationships and helped me to realise my anxieties which I could then learn to manage myself.

Amal, Thame

Our son became very anxious and he would worry about the smallest of things getting himself worked up.  The school recommended counselling, which to be honest we weren’t quite sure about, more around the feeling of failing our son, but Making Changes was recommended to us with a high success rate so we agreed to give counselling a go. We have been absolutely amazed and thrilled by the support Making Changes has given most importantly to our son, but also to us as his parents. We were due to meet Sarah for an introduction session to discuss the issues affecting our son and we were both apprehensive on how his session would go. Within minutes Sarah had put us at ease and almost immediately identified some of the key issues that were affecting our son. It was amazing how she picked it up so quickly and it was such a relief. Sarah even gave us some strategies on how to approach the introduction of counselling with our son without making him worry necessarily. Our son was assigned eight sessions and after the first one he came home so enthused by it all and absolutely loved Sarah. Our son had undergone his fifth session and we had already noticed a huge difference in him and he was very keen to share with his different strategies on how to manage his worries. What really summed it up for us though was when my mum said to me ‘we have our Harry back’ and this was true. We are absolutely thrilled with the progress our son has made with Making Changes and from something we were so apprehensive in we are truly appreciative of the support and kindness Sarah has given to our son and most importantly the difference that this support has made. As my mum has said we have our son back and we cannot thank Making Changes enough – they really have made a difference to my son and our family’s life – thank you!

C, Grendon Underwood

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